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about us

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Founded in 2017, Galpatch endeavors to provide youth girls opportunity and support where they can take pride in their identity and maximize the available resource to live their full life and achieve their goals. We improve the capacity of and support our youth girls, through focused programming and devoted mentoring. We offer tutoring and lessons (dance, choir, sewing, cooking, theater, college guidance, credit management, general tutoring, and much more.) Skills gained from these programs ensures that girls build confidence that enables them to overcome the impacts of challenging life situations that they may have to encounter as they grow. We view our girls as seeds, which, when planted well, can bloom into a garden of all possibilities.​


We believe that the only way to eliminate the Bully is to empower the Victim. We empower youth by centering everything around Accountability. Our classes and programs equip youth with all the tools needed to take control of their lives. The more they will learn, the more they will feel confident.

 We are aware of the conditions favoring the seeds to grow and we help bridge the gap between the professional instructors and the needy youths.


Our Mission

Generate Inner-Respect, Love and Self- Empowerment.

Our Vision

"To Eliminate the Bully by Empowering the victim."

Our Motto

"Plant a Seed, Watch it Glow"

GalPatch takes a proactive approach against bullying. We believe that the more children are equipped with skills, education and experience, the more confident they are in themselves. Building self-esteem is a core component of bullying prevention. With healthy self-esteem, adolescents will not only be more confident, but they also will be able to identify their strengths — and their weaknesses — and still feel good about themselves. Bullies are less likely to target others that are confident in who they are. The impact of bulling can be far-reaching; it increases the risk of depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, lower academic achievement and dropping out of school. Our programs aspire to create solid foundations that will block any of these negative seeds in taking root.

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Kid's Playing Outdoor

Core Values

GalPatch sees the value in providing  youth girls with all the tools, resources, and support they need in order to reach their potential. Ever since our founding in 2017, we have strived to create a more vibrant and compassionate neighborhood where GalPatch is seen as an essential leader in making our communties a world-class place to live and raise a family. 


  • Balance (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual)

  • Accountability (X=ME – I am my only problem; I am my only solution)

  • Humility (I am not better, I am blessed)

  • Empathy (See the world through the lens of others)

  • Respect (I give respect, I get respect)

We go above and beyond to prepare our youth girls to become responsible, actively engaged global citizens and leaders.

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