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Eligibility Criteria:

  • Undergraduate with a declared major in a business college at a North Central Association Accredited college or university in Arizona with an intent to pursue a career in business. You can see the list of accredited schools here:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 in previously completed college studies.

  • One parent/guardian must be of Hispanic heritage.

  • Will be starting junior or senior year of undergraduate studies.

  • Must be accepted into and enrolled in a Bachelor degree business program.

  • Must enroll full-time.

AWARD $5,000

Eligibility Criteria

  • High school senior

  • 2.5 minimum GPA

  • Scholarship for minority students

  • Leadership and Community Service must be present

AWARD $3,500

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Arizona resident

  • EFC 0-100

  • 0 encumbered awards

  • Arts and culture related majors


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Foster Youth

  • First Generation College Student

  • No Encumbered Funds

  • Arizona Resident

  • Financial Need

  • Preference given to applicants who have dependents


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Student must be a resident of the town of Bowie, Arizona or is a graduating senior from Bowie High School. (Student may live in nearby area and graduate from Bowie, OR live in Bowie and graduate from Wilcox or San Simon High Schools)

  • Student must be seeking to enroll in any type of post-secondary education at any type of school. (Vocational, 2-year or 4 year school in the U.S.)

  • Student may be enrolled less than full-time

AWARD $1,000 - $6,000

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Current or former Arizona foster care youth

  • Graduating high school senior or current undergraduate level college student

  • Attending any accredited university or community college in Arizona

  • Full-time enrollment

  • Financial need


Eligibility Criteria:

  • African-American descent.

  • Attending a university in Arizona.

  • Undergraduate student (with at least 48 credit hours completed) OR a Graduate student (with at least 6 credits completed)

  • GPA of 3.0 or above.

  • Enrolled in one of these degree programs: Public Administration, Public Affairs, Public Policy, Political Science, and Urban and Metropolitan Studies.

  • Committed to pursuing a career in Public Administration. Applicants will be asked to explain this commitment in a supplemental essay question.

AWARD $2500


TIKTOK Challenge

  • My Future - Billie Eilish 

    • Create Video similar to below

      • What your future will look like.​

        • Career

        • Style

        • Goals 

  • Deadline 10/26/2021

  • Ages 11-18 years old

  • Prize $100 Gift Card 

bad habit week

We challenge you to give up 1 bad habit for 1 week! 

Habits may include: Not cleaning, Not working out, Running late, Talking back to parents, Gossiping, Social Media Addiction, etc. 

  •  October 18th - 22nd ( One Week)

  • Ages 8-18 

  • Prize - $10 Gift card to McDonalds

Donation station

We all have items we can no longer use. These items could be valued by someone else in need.

This is your chance to be GREAT! 

  • Donate (clothes,shoes,furniture,toys)

    • Please make that items aren't damaged.  

  • Ages 5-18

  • Prize from the Closet of LOVE 

Secret pal 

Become a secret pal! We are all different in our own unique ways, but that is what makes us beautiful. Sign up to become secret pals and share what makes you you! 

  • Able to submit notes electronically 

  • Ages 5-18

  • Prize from the Closet of LOVE 

Once upon a time


Read a book and win! 

  • Book must be approved when submitted.

  • Answer the summary questions

  • Ages 5-18

  • Prize from the Closet of LOVE  

Youth Jobs 

Phoenix Rise

  • Summer Jobs 

    • 16-24 years old

    • Reside in Phoenix 

    • Legal right to work in US

    • Available to work  6/14-07/30

    • 4 weeks- 20 hours per week

    • Hourly Wages $12.15/hr

GalPatch interns

  • Year-round position 

  • Ages 16-25

  • $12.50/ hr 

  • 10-16 hours a week (Tues & Thurs)

  • Legal right to work in US

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